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Specialist Medical Recruitment

A Boutique Recruitment agency providing personalised service for Medical Staff. We cater for both short and long term placements. 


We specialise in International Medical and Nursing Recruitment. 

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Are you looking to work as a doctor in the UK?
If you’re an MBBS doctor looking for permanent placements in the UK, we can help you find the right job, prepare for interviews and settle in.
Are you hiring doctors?
If you work for an NHS hospital and are recruiting, we can help you find doctors to fill permanent positions at all levels and improve staff retention.
We help doctors find permanent positions that match their requirements. And, help them in their career progression
Doc2UK was founded by doctors with first-hand experience of moving to the UK from India.
Because we understand the process, we know how to help doctors successfully find a job and settle into the new job seamlessly. Additionally, we help them with their career progression.
Why hire through QUEST MEDICAL
We help NHS hospitals find doctors around the world to fill permanent positions at all levels.
Based in the UK and India, we are a team of NHS professionals with over 50 years of combined NHS experience. We traversed the same journey as most our candidates.
Our service is comprehensive and helps with both recruitment and retention of candidates. Our charges are nominal and it’s free to register.
Client Benefits
Use high tech with no capital investment
No time wasting interviewing unsuitable candidates
Automated processes increasing revenue and profits
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